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What is Your Legacy? It’s Never Too Late to Create One!

John Brancaccio - What Is Your Legacy? It’s Never too Late to Create One!

Creating a legacy is a way to honor your life and benefit future generations. We always remind our clients—when it comes to estate planning: one size does not fit all.

When we meet with new clients to implement their estate planning, one of the many questions we ask include, “What are your estate planning objectives?” We ask this question because every client has different goals and thus, every client’s estate plan must be tailored to reach these goals.   

Often, our clients share that there has been a specific organization that has made a significant impact on their lives. Many of our clients choose to express their gratitude and appreciation by including the organization in their estate plan. They may elect to make a contribution to recognize the organization, either by:

  • making a gift—during their lifetime; or
  • by making a bequest—upon their passing.  

Recently, one of our clients, John Brancaccio, shared with us his family history of heart-valve disease and his goal to help others by making a bequest to St. Francis Hospital. John stated, “There are many charitable options available today, if you are in the position to give. But my attitude is to provide help where the goal and outcome has almost an immediate impact in the lifestyle of an individual human being.”

We were able to assist John Brancaccio in accomplishing his legacy. On May 11th, 2016,  partners, Vincent J. Russo, JD, LLM, CELA, CAP and Marie Elena Puma, Esq.,  joined John at a ceremony in his honor at St. Francis Hospital. This ceremony was for the dedication and naming of the John Brancaccio Heart Valve Center.

The John Brancaccio Heart Valve Center will be John’s lasting legacy so that the next generation will benefit from continued advancements through less invasive approaches to patients where none existed before.

What is your legacy? If you, like John, are interested in charitable gift giving—either in your lifetime or after death—contact us today to discuss how we can help you to create your legacy.

Questions or comments? Call us today (800) 680-1717.

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