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Ken and Pauline F.

Planning your estate can be a very daunting, complicated and extremely emotional task!

After years of saving, investing, and acquiring assets…the big question becomes “How do we protect our assets in our golden years and what is the best plan for our estate”?


However, with Vincent Russo and his staff, this process became more understandable and as we went thru the process, decisions became clearer.

The presentations, with the provided graphics, brought clarity to complex issues.   We also realized upon the completion of our Estate Planning how much we had actually learned going through this difficult process.

Not to mention how caring and kind the entire Russo staff is!


After completing our Estate Planning, we also consulted with Vincent Russo on our Commercial Real Estate property issues.   This again, was another very successful experience!


We have recommended Russo Law Group to many of our friends….with great confidence!


Ken and Pauline Frohlick

Debbie B., Massapequa, NY

As a disabled senior with 2 children with special needs, I needed an attorney who could advise me with my estate planning while addressing this issue. Vincent J. Russo Law Group, P.C. was recommended to me and I began working with an attorney, Diana, and her assistant Christella. I couldn’t be more pleased with the legal counsel Diana provided. She listened to all my questions, explained everything thoroughly, addressed all my needs and ultimately set up an action plan that would benefit my situation. Preliminary documents were drawn up and reviewed with me until I completely understood all the legal aspects. Both she and Christella were knowledgeable and readily available to answer any and all questions. They even came to my home to have the final documents signed and notarized as it was difficult for me to travel to them. I am so relieved that they simplified the complicated and overwhelming task of estate planning. What a blessing it is to have chosen such a gracious, professional and competent team that I trust and also one that my children will be able to rely on.

Francis Gilroy

I just wanted to share my appreciation for the professionalism exhibited and courtesy extended by Cathy Evans, our Case Manager. After my Mom finished reading the first draft of her Will and Trust, we drafted over a dozen questions of varying importance. As a Peace of Mind client, my Mom contacted Cathy to go over several of those matters right away, such as: who attends the signing, what documents are necessary, when is a good time to call, how to develop additional questions, what is the meaning of various clauses and terms, etc. Cathy’s insight into my Mom’s needs, addressed the majority of our concerns. As a result of Cathy’s effectiveness, our follow-up discussions with Deanna Eble, our Attorney, were more focused and productive. We are very pleased that my Mom is a POM client – the program works so well because of people like Cathy Evans.

Jane Gilroy

After my husband died, I had to update my will and make several important changes. I am grateful for all the understanding and help I received from the Russo Law Group during this challenging process. Deanna Eble, my lawyer, and Cathy Evans, my case manager, were both accessible and provided me with relevant answers to my many questions. Indeed, they eased me through this sometimes challenging endeavor by giving me clear explanations of what the various legal terms meant. I also joined the well-named “Peace of Mind” program, which has already made me feel more comfortable about future reviews, updates, etc. The Thanksgiving Party for members and their family members was delightful and I am very glad I attended. I am looking forward to future events.

Rick S., Lido Beach, NY

Thank you so much for our family movie outing Saturday. We all loved it – the movie, the popcorn, the goodie bags. I personally thought it was one of the five best movies I’ve ever seen. Thanks a million for including us.

Adeline Q., Lido Beach, NY

I have been enrolled in the Peace of Mind program for several years – a wise decision. Changes to estate and inheritance law frequently occur and I know that I will always be updated by the Russo attorneys. Personal family experience has made me very aware of what these changes can mean if they are not incorporated into my legal affairs. The yearly Peace of Mind conference is an excellent investment and relieves me of many worries.

Murray W., Old Bethpage, NY

I originally consulted Vincent Russo when my wife and I retired and we wanted to plan these remaining years for ourselves and our family. When the Peace of Mind program was originally offered, we enrolled because it seemed to us that we were seeking just that: peace of mind. The unpredictability of life demonstrated to us that having legal consultants who knew us and our family needs at our fingertips was a wise decision on our part. The annual review, as well as the yearlong opportunity to ask questions as they arise, provides important support in a timely fashion. The additional services such as on-line availability of documents and conferences certainly add to our comfort. In addition to the professionalism of their services, the cordiality and congeniality of the firm’s staff contributes to our satisfaction.

Frances Cimino, Wantagh, New York

The following is a letter written to Judy Murdaugh-Jackson, Client Services, at Vincent J. Russo & Associates, P.C.:

I came to Vincent J. Russo & Associates, P.C. when my mother was ill, it was a very difficult time for my family. My mother wanted to transfer her home to me and I wanted to make sure that my mother was protected and taken care of. The law firm of Vincent J. Russo & Associates, P.C. came very highly recommended to me, and I did not hesitate to meet with them or follow their advice. Everyone I have dealt with at the firm has been incredibly knowledgeable. The attorneys at Vincent J. Russo & Associates, P.C. really went out of their way to make sure that my mother and I were comfortable and understood the entire plan. If we had any questions, there was always an attorney available to answer them, and one thing I really like is that the attorneys always spoke with me as opposed to talking at me, it really made a difference and made me comfortable. My mom has since passed away, and the firm has been there by my side helping me to settle her affairs. Because of the efforts of the law firm, there was no need for a Probate proceeding and things were made as easy as they could be. The firm has now helped me with my own plan, so that I can make sure I am taken care of, and that my mother`s legacy is preserved for my children. What I really like is that my attorney looks out for me, its not just her job, its more than that, she really goes above and beyond and meets my needs. She also took the time to find out what I might need and that is very important, most lawyers don`t do that. I know that I will be comfortable with the plan and that I don`t have to worry because my attorney looked ahead and has taken steps to make sure that I can avoid problems in the future. She thought of things that I would not have considered on my own. I know that the plan is perfect and that me and my children are taken care of. I know that because of the efforts of my attorney our future is secure.

Debbie D., King of Prussia PA

This email was written in response to getting a Medicaid Application approved:

Wow! Hats off to you, Kim Christian and of course Russo & Associates!!! Can’t forget the good lord who blessed you all with the knowledge, and keeps you well to keep doing good work for sick people like my dad! Great work! You are the best…

Lois C. – Farmingdale, NY

I wanted to write you regarding Jeff and how much I appreciated his excellent manner in handling my mom’s closing. His astute attention to detail was impressive. In fact, the first time I met Jeff – I had such a great feeling of confidence about his mode of expression and I knew then, I was in capable hands. In fact I had to say to Jeff at the end of our first meeting “I like your style Jeff”, and I thought to myself, this attorney is a great reflection of this law firm and he will go far. So please know that my association with Jeff was a very positive experience and anytime a real estate situation arises he will be the first one I will recommend or call for my legal needs. Thanks for being there Frank and may God bless Vincent J Russo and all those employed with this law firm. You all have taken a lot of stress and worry away from many in a legal dilemma.

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