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The most common real estate purchases in New York are residential homes, condominiums, and cooperative apartments (cooperative apartments are not technically real property). For most people, it’s their most valuable asset.

At Russo Law Group, P.C., we understand that our New York clients, who may be either first-time or experienced property owners, can be confused by real estate law in New York. Our experienced New York real estate law attorneys can represent you during the purchase or sale of a home. We can give you legal advice through all stages of your real estate sale or purchase in New York.

MARKET UDATE: Effective March 20, 2024, all sellers will be required to complete and provide to purchasers a property condition disclosure form.

CLICK HERE to download the Property Condition Disclosure Statement

Why Work with a New York Real Estate Attorney When Buying or Selling a Home in Nassau County, Suffolk County, and New York City, NY?

An experienced New York real estate attorney guides and protects you through the entire real estate transaction, including negotiating the purchase/sale contract, so you obtain favorable terms, e.g., contingency clauses, walk away rights, mortgage provisions, etc. Be mindful that the transaction stems from the contract, so it must be well written, vigorously negotiated, and protect your interests.

New York real estate transactions can move at the speed the buyer or seller is comfortable with. Therefore, “all-cash” transactions (no mortgage required) can be completed in the 30-day range from contract to closing. If the purchaser is obtaining a mortgage, a 60-day range is more realistic.

How We Help Buyers:

  • Reviewing and negotiating the real estate contract
  • Resolving issues (including repairs) prior to closing
  • Negotiating contingency clauses, walk away rights, mortgage provisions, etc.
  • Corresponding with the seller’s attorney, title company, and mortgage company
  • Explaining the real estate contract and mortgage commitment to the buyer
  • Preparing for closing, including necessary title work
  • Reviewing the mortgage commitment and title commitment
  • Representing the buyers at closing

How We Help Sellers:

  • Preparing, reviewing, and negotiating the real estate contract
  • Explaining the real estate contract to the seller
  • Resolving any issues (including repairs) prior to closing
  • Corresponding with the buyer’s attorney
  • Preparing for closing
  • Representing sellers at closing

Russo Law Group, P.C. helps you and your loved ones handle Estate Planning, Elder Law, Special Needs Planning, New York Medicaid Planning, Trust & Estate, Guardianship, Small Business Planning, and Real Estate law. We welcome you to contact our Garden City, Lido Beach, or Islandia, New York, law offices to learn more about how we can help address your real estate planning legal matters.

If you need assistance with residential sales and purchases in Long Island and New York City communities, please don’t hesitate to contact the real estate attorneys with Russo Law Group, P.C. While we have several office locations, we can also visit your home and offer virtual meetings for convenience.

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