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Do you want to be prepared for unexpected events?

Of course you do.

As a family-oriented law firm, we want our family of clients to be prepared for any eventuality that may impact your long-term plan. To make it easy for you to have an annual long-term planning check-up, we have created our Peace of Mind (POM) Program.

The Peace of Mind Program (POM) provides the security of knowing that your attorney will be accessible whenever you have questions about potential problems or opportunities related to your estate, long-term care, or special needs family planning. You have the personal reassurance of working with the trusted advisor who helped you craft your initial planning documents. You can include any and all family members under your complimentary access umbrella. And finally, for one flat fee, you can access advice that at a là carte pricing would cost much more.

POM Benefits:

We know there are times when you have a question regarding your estate planning and want to call without worrying about extra fees. We believe our Peace of Mind Program removes this concern while ensuring your estate plan is well maintained. We offer the following services for a one-year period for a fixed fee:

  1. Telephone Consultations with a Russo Law Group, P.C. attorney, or knowledgeable legal assistant who is under the supervision of an attorney regarding your estate plan and its maintenance.
  2. Annual Review of life changes in your life that affect your estate planning documents. We will send you an asset chart and be available for a one-hour meeting with one of our attorneys at no additional charge. This meeting may be transferred or given to a family member or friend.
  3. Sharefile allows us to upload and maintain your key estate planning documents on a secure site with privacy settings. You will have 24/7 access to your documents.
  4. POM Summary Document Chart detailing your current executed planning documents, which is kept up to date.
  5. POM Asset Chart detailing your assets reported to us, which is updated periodically.
  6. Updating your Agents named in your Advance Directives, which were prepared by Russo Law Group, P.C., at no charge.
  7. Updating Your Estate Plan with revised or new legal documents such as wills(s) and/or trust(s), which will be charged separately by the law firm, with its fee being discounted by ten (10%) percent.
  8. Cash Flow Analysis of your income and expenses by a financial advisor at no additional charge.
  9. POM Alerts during the year that focus on planning.
  10. Review of Legal Matters such as litigation and real estate without charge. If Russo Law Group, P.C. represents you, a separate fee agreement will be necessary.

Please note that these benefits can only be realized with your active participation. We look forward to helping you fulfill the value of this program, so please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Testimonials from our POM Clients

I just wanted to share my appreciation for the professionalism exhibited and courtesy extended by Cathy Evans, our Case Manager. After my Mom finished reading the first draft of her Will and Trust, we drafted over a dozen questions of varying importance. As a Peace of Mind client, my Mom contacted Cathy to go over several of those matters right away, such as: who attends the signing, what documents are necessary, when is a good time to call, how to develop additional questions, what is the meaning of various clauses and terms, etc. Cathy’s insight into my Mom’s needs, addressed the majority of our concerns. As a result of Cathy’s effectiveness, our follow-up discussions with Deanna Eble, our Attorney, were more focused and productive. We are very pleased that my Mom is a POM client – the program works so well because of people like Cathy Evans.

Francis Gilroy

After my husband died, I had to update my will and make several important changes. I am grateful for all the understanding and help I received from the Russo Law Group during this challenging process. Deanna Eble, my lawyer, and Cathy Evans, my case manager, were both accessible and provided me with relevant answers to my many questions. Indeed, they eased me through this sometimes challenging endeavor by giving me clear explanations of what the various legal terms meant. I also joined the well-named “Peace of Mind” program, which has already made me feel more comfortable about future reviews, updates, etc. The Thanksgiving Party for members and their family members was delightful and I am very glad I attended. I am looking forward to future events.

Jane Gilroy

Thank you so much for our family movie outing Saturday. We all loved it – the movie, the popcorn, the goodie bags. I personally thought it was one of the five best movies I’ve ever seen. Thanks a million for including us.

Rick S., Lido Beach, NY

I have been enrolled in the Peace of Mind program for several years – a wise decision. Changes to estate and inheritance law frequently occur and I know that I will always be updated by the Russo attorneys. Personal family experience has made me very aware of what these changes can mean if they are not incorporated into my legal affairs. The yearly Peace of Mind conference is an excellent investment and relieves me of many worries.

Adeline Q., Lido Beach, NY

I originally consulted Vincent Russo when my wife and I retired and we wanted to plan these remaining years for ourselves and our family. When the Peace of Mind program was originally offered, we enrolled because it seemed to us that we were seeking just that: peace of mind. The unpredictability of life demonstrated to us that having legal consultants who knew us and our family needs at our fingertips was a wise decision on our part. The annual review, as well as the yearlong opportunity to ask questions as they arise, provides important support in a timely fashion. The additional services such as on-line availability of documents and conferences certainly add to our comfort. In addition to the professionalism of their services, the cordiality and congeniality of the firm’s staff contributes to our satisfaction.

Murray W., Old Bethpage, NY
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