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New York Medicaid planning can be a very complex process for you and your loved ones. Seeking legal guidance from an experienced New York elder law attorney versed in Medicaid applications can help you better prepare for the possibility of long-term care and protect your assets.

Understanding the New York Medicaid Application Process

It’s vital to understand the Medicaid application process in New York. Medicaid is a program for individuals and families who can’t afford the cost of long-term care. When you or a loved one apply for Medicaid in New York, proof of income, citizenship, and residence are required. For some New Yorkers seeking Medicaid benefits, it’s important to work with an expert New York elder law attorney and New York Medicaid planning attorney to make sure you or a loved one meet the asset and income thresholds required for Medicaid benefits.

It’s Never Too Late for Medicaid Planning in Nassau County, Suffolk County, and New York City, NY

It’s almost never too late to protect some of your hard-earned money for your family or favorite charity. Even if you’re already in a nursing home, we can usually help. One of the most common misconceptions of New York Medicaid planning is that it must be done well in advance of going to a nursing home in Nassau County, Suffolk County, and surrounding areas.

Medicaid Applications and Financial Catastrophes in New York

A mistake on a Medicaid application can be a financial catastrophe. For example, if you transferred assets or sold your home to a child for less than fair market value, a Medicaid application submitted a week too early could knock you off the Medicaid program for months or even years. This relates to the New York Medicaid lookback rules, which can change. For example, in recent years, the lookback rule was increased to five years for all transfers made on or after February 8, 2006, for Institutional Medicaid. However, there was no lookback period for New York’s Community Medicaid (in-home care services), but a thirty-month lookback period is scheduled to be implemented likely in 2024. Medicaid rules can and do change. That’s why it’s so important to get advice from an experienced New York Medicaid planning lawyer before you submit a Medicaid application.

Russo Law Group, P.C. helps you and your loved ones with Estate Planning, Elder Law, Special Needs Planning, New York Medicaid Planning, Trust & Estate, Guardianship, Small Business Planning, and Real Estate law. We welcome you to contact our Garden City, Lido Beach, or Islandia, New York, law offices to learn more about how we can help address your estate planning legal matters.

If you have questions or concerns about New York Medicaid eligibility and Medicaid applications, please don’t hesitate to contact the New York Medicaid planning attorneys at Russo Law Group, P.C.

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