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Are Veterans Being Left to die?

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Thousands of sick Veterans are being left without treatment while the administration of the Department of Veterans Affairs tries to get its act together.

Is this how we treat our heroes and heroines?

According to an audit of 731 Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals and clinics, 57,000 patients are still waiting for their initial appointment, and 64,000 who have enrolled over the past decade have never been examined or received treatment. The VA’s 14-day goal for seeing first-time patients is a joke, but no one is laughing at the massive backlog at VA hospitals and clinics.

For weeks, the VA has been under scrutiny of investigations and congressional hearings. Recently an independent investigative agency, the Office of Special Counsel, discovered what it called “a troubling pattern of deficient patient care.” The independent agency stated that VA officials were aware of the pattern of deficient patient, which included canceled appointments with no follow up, contaminated drinking water and improper handling of surgical equipment.

Investigators have also said many veterans faced long waits for treatment, including some who died while on waiting lists. And they said that some officials created fictitious appointment lists to cover up lengthy delays.

This is completely unacceptable. These brave men and women have sacrificed so much to ensure the continued freedom of our nation and we need to honor our commitment to them and provide quality health care.

The VA has recently announced that two top department officials have stepped down and changes have been made to accelerate veterans’ access to quality health care. While the change may bring positive results, it is not enough to shift jobs and make promises. Veterans need quality health care now.

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By Eric J. Einhart – Guest Blogger 

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  1. Vets must move up on the priority list. We must have moral, honest, caring people working with and for the administration. That’s the first step!!

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