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On Air with Deanna M. Eble

Special Needs Planning

Deanna M, Eble joined Hilary Topper on her talk show, Hilary Topper on Air.  During this podcast, Deanna discusses some of the hurdles of raising a child with special needs. Many parents are inundated with information from all different sources encouraging a guardianship for their child. Guardianship is not the only option when it comes to your child reaches age 18. She addresses common special needs planning questions and provides answers to:

  • What happens when your child turns 18?
  • Are there government benefits that exist?
  • Available socialization services?
  • Employment opportunities are available?
  • What living arrangements exist?
  • How do you plan in advance?

Deanna is a wealth of information and was able to direct listeners on how to best inform themselves.  If you missed this podcast on special needs planning, it can be replayed here.

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