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Introducing Robert McGuire, 2016 Theresa Award Honoree

Introducing Robert McGuire - 2016 Theresa Award HonoreeThis year at the Theresa Awards, the Theresa Foundation is proud to recognize Robert “Bob” McGuire, the Executive Director of Cerebral Palsy Nassau (CP Nassau), as one of the 2016 honorees for his continued commitment to advocating and raising awareness for those with special needs.

CP Nassau is an independent, non-profit health agency serving over 1,800 children and adults with cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities. The Association, founded in 1948, operates a comprehensive Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in Roosevelt, New York, which has earned international recognition for innovative and high-quality programs. Bob has worked at CP Nassau since 1982.

Bob feels very strongly about giving back to the program participants at CP Nassau, their families, and to his staff and volunteers. In a recent interview, when asked why, he simply stated, “If everyone were to only look out for themselves, it would be a pretty cruel world.” He is a no-nonsense kind of guy when it comes to people and children with disabilities. There is zero tolerance for not taking care of people in need.

Bob has worked to empower and motivate staff, program participants, and volunteers to work together to provide the best possible environment for people with disabilities and their families to live as independently and productively as possible in their community. During his interview, he stressed over and over again the importance of working together. He referenced a quote by the late Pete Seeger, a folk singer/songwriter: “I look upon myself as a link in the chain.” Bob then said, “I think we are all a link in the chain and if we don’t all have our links together, then we have a hole and the chain is broken.”Introducing Robert McGuire - 2016 Theresa Award Honoree

Doing “the right thing” is really what guides Bob in his position at CP Nassau. He said, “There’s no right way to do the wrong thing; it’s much easier to fight for things that you think are right and you believe in—it’s that simple.”

Bob, we are pleased to have this opportunity to recognize your efforts and the impact you have made within the special needs community.

Help show appreciation towards Bob and our other deserving honorees by purchasing journal ads and tickets to attend the 22nd Annual Theresa Awards. For more information, please call Kirrelle Freeman or Melanie Castillo at 516-683-1717.

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