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Exclusive Peace of Mind Member Benefit: Annual Luncheon

On July 28, members of our Peace of Mind (POM) program joined partners, Vincent J. Russo and Deanna M. Eble at the Milleridge Inn for our annual POM luncheon.  During our POM client appreciation event, Mr. Russo discussed changes under the Trump administration as well as probable changes in law that will affect older Americans and those with special needs.

The luncheon, which is held annually for members of the program, is one of the many benefits that membership in the program offers. During the luncheon, the attendees were able to mingle with other members of the program while enjoying a delicious meal and listening to a brief, yet informative lecture.

During the luncheon, members of our POM program were asked to introduce themselves and share with everyone where they were born.  From the introductions, we saw that many people and their families came from near and far to be here today. We even heard from a few people that grew up just blocks from each other.

Everyone enjoyed reminiscing over happy memories and the old days. The nostalgia was enjoyed by everyone and created a sense of comradery and comfort among the members of the program.

Overall, the luncheon was a huge success!  We thank everyone who joined us and look forward to planning the next exclusive POM client appreciation program.  To find out how you can join us at our exclusive POM member events such as the luncheon, contact us!  To learn more about the added benefits of the program, click here.

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