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Multi-Lingual Services

Ensuring Effective Legal Counsel with Language Translation

As legal professionals, it is essential to be able to communicate effectively with our clients. Unfortunately, language barriers can interfere with this process and make it difficult for attorneys to provide effective counsel. Offering multiple languages at Russo Law Group can help bridge these gaps and ensure that all our clients are fully understood.

Why Do We Provide Language Support?

Providing language support can help ensure that all our clients have access to the same level of legal counsel, no matter their background or native language. It can also help our attorneys better understand our client’s cases, as many nuances and cultural references may be lost if there is a lack of fluency in the conversation. Additionally, offering language services demonstrates our commitment to understanding and respecting our client’s needs.

At the same time, providing multiple languages can be challenging for some legal professionals. It requires additional resources, such as interpreters or translators who are fluent in the desired language or knowledgeable of conversational ASL. Additionally, it may require extra effort to ensure that interpreters are familiar with legal terminology and procedures. Thankfully, we have staff members who can assist clients in Italian (Diana Lattanzio), Mandarin (Christine Fung), and conversational ASL (Kathleen DeGraff).

Why is it Important to Offer Language Support?

Despite the difficulty, making language support available is essential to provide quality legal services. By offering multiple languages, we can break down barriers and ensure that all our clients have access to the same level of counsel. With language support, we can better understand our clients and ensure that they are being provided with the best possible advice.

At the end of the day, offering multi-lingual services is an essential component to breaking down language barriers at Russo Law Group. It is an ongoing commitment to understanding and respecting all our clients and ensuring that everyone has access to quality legal advice. Providing language support not only helps us better communicate with our clients, but it also ensures that everyone is being heard.

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