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Why You Should NOT HIRE the Nursing Home Attorney to File a Medicaid Application

Why You Should NOT HIRE the Nursing Home Attorney to File a Medicaid ApplicationFor most seniors, obtaining Medicaid to pay for nursing home care is a must. Very few people can afford to pay privately for extended long-term care, which is not covered by Medicare.

The nursing home may provide you with a list of attorneys to assist with the filing of a Medicaid application. It is suggested that you obtain three attorney references in writing.

A key question for the family to ask is: Do any of the attorneys on the list currently represent the nursing home?

If so, one should be concerned about a potential conflict of interest if there is a problem with obtaining Medicaid approval. Based on the admission agreement, the nursing home may take legal action against the family for an unpaid nursing home bill.

The better course of action is to hire an independent, experienced elder law attorney for the filing of the Medicaid application.

At Russo Law Group, PC, we only represent seniors and their families. We do not represent nursing homes. We have made an ethical decision to act in the best interests of our clients, with no allegiance to any nursing home. We work with our clients and the nursing home to ensure the best quality care for a loved one and to ensure that the nursing home is paid for its services.


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