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Estate Planning in 2021

Estate Planning for the Triathlete and Runner

What You Need to Know About Elder Law and Estate Planning for the Runner and Triathlete

Deanna M. Eble, Esq.  will join Hilary Topper to discuss Elder Law and Estate Planning topics for runners and triathletes on June 30th at noon.

Do you have a will? Power of attorney? Health care proxy? Or any of the other important paperwork that you need to protect yourself and your family?

No one likes to think about these things but runners and triathletes should especially when you train hard and attend events that could potentially be dangerous.

Deanna Eble of the Russo Law Group will present on these topics and what we need and about the new power of attorney rules. Her husband is an Ironman, and she attends all of the events and has been a part of the triathlete world for a long time.

Please join this live discussion by clicking here. 


This is not the first time Deanna has been featured on the A Triathelets Diary. Check out her past article


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