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The Journey of a Brain Tumor Fighter: Emma’s Story

The furry friends of Russo Law Group

A seven-year-old girl fighting a rare brain tumor is seeking comfort from four-legged friends around the world.

Emma Mertens of Hartland, Wisconsin is fighting a very rare and inoperable brain tumor called DIPG. She was recently having a normal weekend playing with friends in the snow when she got a headache and started having flu like symptoms. A few days later she was rushed into surgery to reduce swelling on the brain. She has had a second surgery now and is preparing for several weeks of daily radiation therapy. She is a fighter and she and her family along with everyone on Team Emma are here to fight for her.

Russo Law Group is proud to be participating in the effort to help Emma. We have sent pictures of all our team members’ 17 dogs, along with a letter “written” by the dogs. Here is a copy of the dogs’ letter:

Woof, woof, woof, bark, bark, woof… oh, sorry Emma, we forgot you don’t speak dog. We’re all standing here in New York wagging our tails for you. We’d like to play with you but it would be hard for you to throw us a ball all the way from Hartland. We love you and hope you’re having a great spring day.

Your furry, four-legged friends from Russo Law Group,

Brandy, Dakota, Marley, Riley, Sofie, Buffo, Petter, Heidi, Capri, Charleigh, Bitty, Ariel, Belle, Zoey, Rex, John, George

If you want to send a letter from your dog, please email Emma for the address at [email protected]

Team Emma also needs financial support to make sure Emma receives the care she needs. This support will help Emma’s family with things like medical bills, living expenses, possible clinical trial logistics, and more. The initial goal is to raise an $50,000. By donating, you can help lift the financial burden on Emma’s family so that they can just focus on being present with Emma and her two brothers.

You can see pictures of Emma and follow the fight at

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