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Barbara Jensen – Oyster Bay, NY
My husband and I decided that it was time to seek the advice of an elder law attorney, someone who could tell us what our rights were and what we needed to do to protect ourselves.

We met with our attorney at Vincent J. Russo and Associates and he pointed out the need for us to have the right plan in place to make sure that my husband and I could make decisions for each other in the future. He also made sure that we have the right Wills for our situation, Wills that allow us to take care of each other, even if our health declines. Our lawyer was also able to identify some legal issues in other areas and to make sure that we went to an attorney specializing it that area of law. Mostly, our attorney has given us as much peace of mind as possible.

Peter Belmonte, Massapequa

When my father had his second stroke, we were emotionally devastated. And then the cost of his much needed care all but wiped out the savings he and my mother worked so hard for. Thanks to the compassion and expertise of the attorneys at Vincent J. Russo & Associates, P.C. my mother was able to save her home, and was able to take steps to make sure her future is secure. Without the law firm in our corner, I don’t know what we would have done, I don’t know how my mother would have been able to protect and stay in her home.

Fred Schembri

When you get married you intend to be there for each other, through thick and thin, in sickness and in health. When my wife of 63 years got sick, I took care of her for as long as I could. But when she broke her hip and stopped eating it was unsafe for her to stay at home, I knew that I had promised to be there and to make sure she had what she needed. It was not an easy decision, to be honest it broke my heart, but I knew that if my wife did not get the care she needed, I would not be taking care of her. She needed to go into the hospital, where they gave her a feeding tube and she was later discharged to a nursing home. One thing no one talks about is what happens to the family when someone goes into a nursing home. First thing is that medicare does not pay for it. Nursing home care is extremely expensive, and without the help and guidance of my attorney, I would have been wiped out. But, because my attorney is knowledgeable and took the time to listen to me and what was important to me, he was able to guide me through the treacherous waters of the Medicaid laws. Knowing that my home and my future were protected I was able to focus on what was most important to me, my lovely bride. My wife told me that she hated the feeding tube, I knew that without it she would not last very long. So, I got permission from the facility to let me cook food for my wife, you know the food she always loved, and they showed me how to make sure the food was just right and to help her learn how to eat again. Now she is able to eat the food I make her and she is doing much better.Now I can visit with my bride every day, focusing on her and not worrying, knowing that she is getting the care that she needs, and knowing that I can always be there for her.

Patricia Tullo – Long Beach, New York

My dad was 89 at the time started to have some very serious health issues. He was very aware of the legal issues facing him as he got older and he wanted to take care of getting his affairs in order. About that time I saw an ad for a free Vincent J. Russo & Associates, P.C. seminar, right here in Lido Beach. When I came to the seminar I meet an attorney who had a very nice manner and was able to answer all of the questions I presented. She was knowledgeable and genuinely seemed to care about her clients. I then made an appointment for my father and myself. She made us both feel very comfortable. A plan was put together that protected my father and it was also brought to my attention some steps that I should take to protect myself. Whenever I had a question, there was an answer, if I called, my call was always returned very promptly. My prior experience with a lawyer was not like that. For example, I would call and sometimes not get a call back or an answer for two weeks. If someone I know asked me where they should go for help with a legal matter, especially concerning Elder Law I would not hesitate to send them to Vincent J. Russo & Associates, P.C.


Dear Vincent: The Estate Planning Council’s Dinner Meeting on January 23rd was very successful, in large part to your excellent presentation and outlines which were comprehensive, comprehensible, and an engrossing presentation. Again, many thanks for your participation on our behalf.

Sister Catherine O’Shea, O.P. – Chairperson, Journal Committee

Dear Mr. Russo, Thank you for your generosity in taking an ad in our Souvenir Journal for the Harvest Jazz Brunch. Your ad will appear in our Journal to be distributed the day of the Jazz Brunch, November 16, 2003. Your participation and support of the annual fund-raiser assists us in our efforts to provide affordable, quality housing options for the elderly.

Nick and Al C.

Dear Mr. Russo, Thank you for meeting with us on May 24th on such short notice. We required a lot of information in a short time to help make some decisions regarding the best way to care for our mother. We are also gateful to Kim Christian for coming out to the house to complete the necessary paperwork. You were able to relay the information needed in a caring and realistic manner. Your assistance helped expedite her entrance into Poplar Hill Skilled Nursing Facility. She is doing well there. Thanks again to you and Kim for being such a help to us during a very difficult situation.


Dear Mr. Russo, Thank you so much for giving that fine informative Medicaid Planning Seminar that I attended Wed. July 31, 2002.  Knowledge is power, the power to make the right decisions about these complicated issues that face us all.I’ve been to many business seminars over the years and I want to commend you on your excellent delivery of the subject with clarity and understanding. I felt the compassion in your words an it made me feel secure enough to get moving on the medicaid plan for my 96 year old mother and a decision to come to you to do it. Honesty and above all integrity are hard to find in this troubled environment. I believe you have it.

Murray W., Old Bethpage, NY

I originally consulted Vincent Russo when my wife and I retired and we wanted to plan these remaining years for ourselves and our family. When the Peace of Mind program was originally offered, we enrolled because it seemed to us that we were seeking just that: peace of mind. The unpredictability of life demonstrated to us that having legal consultants who knew us and our family needs at our finger tips was a wise decision on our part. The annual review as well as the yearlong opportunity to ask questions as they arise provides important support in a timely fashion. The additional services such as on-line availability of documents and conferences certainly add to our comfort. In addition to the professionalism of their services the cordiality and congeniality of the firm’s staff contributes to our satisfaction.

V.C., Glen Cove, NY

Joanna, Frank, Natasha, Vincent and the fine professional staff of Vincent J. Russo & Associates, With heartfelt thanks for your donation to the Theresa Foundation in memory of my grandfather . There is no better tribute to his life than by the support of such a fine organization that is dedicated to making the world a better place for children with special needs-life coming full circle. Thank You. And thank you for all your guidance and support during the most difficult years of our lives. God bless all of you.

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