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POM luncheon a big success

PugliasMembers of the Vincent J. Russo & Associates, P.C. Peace of Mind program (P.O.M.) enjoyed a delicious Italian meal, learned some important legal information, and received a healthy dose of nostalgia last Thursday, August 7,  at the Annual P.O.M. Luncheon held at Puglia’s of Garden City.

The luncheon, which is held annually for members of the program, is one of the many benefits that membership in the program offers. The attendees were able to mingle and network with other members of the program, before eating a delicious meal and listening to an informative lecture presented by Vincent J. Russo, Esq. The lecture, which was focused on various types of trusts and strategies of estate and long-term care planning, was followed by a question and answer session open to the members.

In addition to the luncheon there are many benefits to being a member of the POM program. We know there are times when you have a question regarding your estate planning and want to call without worrying about extra fees. We believe our Peace of Mind Maintenance Program removes this concern while ensuring your estate plan is well maintained. For a list of the benefits you will receive as a POM member visit our website or contact us.

During the luncheon members were asked to introduce themselves, tell the crowd where they were born and name something from their childhood that no longer existed today. The nostalgia was enjoyed by everyone and created a sense of comradery and comfort among the members of the program.

Here is a list of some of the most notable things that no longer exist (not in order of importance):

  1. Old school cash registers that make the “cha-ching” sound
  2. Carbon paper
  3. Electric typewriter
  4. Horse and carriage
  5. Pay phones
  6. Record player
  7. Reel to reel tape recorder
  8. Milk man delivery
  9. Ice truck with ice delivery man
  10. Frozen vegetables
  11. Street cleaners with a broom instead of a truck
  12. Black and white battery powered Televisions with antenna
  13. Games played in the street (e.g. jax, stoop ball, and marbles)
  14. Drive-in movie theaters
  15. Doctors who made house calls
  16. Laundry wringer
  17. Krug’s truck (for those of you from Brooklyn and Queens)
  18. Soda jerks and old fashioned soda fountains
  19. Slide projectors
  20. 3D glasses

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