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Organizational Apps That Help You Move & More!

Organizational Apps That Help You Move & More!Our practice produces many important documents for elderly clients. Clients may forget where these documents are located within their home, lose track of the documents’ location over the course of a move, or may pass on without sharing the actual documents (or their location) with their children, executor, or guardian.

There are a few smartphone apps that can assist individuals and families to keep track of important documents such as wills or advanced directives (healthcare proxy, etc.). This tool works in conjunction with the app’s ability to catalog the contents of entire homes. This umbrella function helps with ongoing organizational efforts as well as moving assistance.  

We will review 3 smartphone/tablet apps that offer this technology:

  1. Encircle (free; no upgrade fee): Catalog and document items in every room on multiple properties providing the opportunity to organize the home or office pre- and post-move by:
    • Itemizing each room;
    • Adding descriptions; and
    • Photographing and storing documents.
  2. Moving Organizer (free; $0.99 upgrade to full app): Specifically for moving, each room in the property is sectioned off, and boxes are organized by:
    • Name;
    • Size;
    • Location; and
    • Content.

3. State Farm Move Tools (free; no upgrade fee): Plans how all items will be packed and schedules the entire move by:

    • Identifying which days certain items and rooms will be packed;
    • Documenting the packed boxes; and
    • Creating a virtual recreation of the boxes.

Which App is Right for You?

Apps vary in terms of ease of use and relevancy.

State Farm Move Tools is not limited to State Farm customers. It has the added benefit of an item inventory chart to easily find the location of an item as well as a label creator for boxes.

Moving Organizer and State Farm Move Tools provide moving assistance above anything else— Encircle does that and more.

Encircle is the most user-friendly and can be used continuously to document where items are stored within the home. This ongoing function can help individuals and families keep track of important documents.

Our Verdict: Encircle.

If you or your family try any of these apps, please let us know how its functions work for your organizational needs by contacting us.


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