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New Ad Fad – Publicity Play – or Time to Say”Hooray!”

Finally, fashion and beauty come together and get it right!

Her name is Valentina; she is 10-months old and is the face of Spanish swimwear designer, Dolores Cortes’ Kids 2013 line. Oh, and did I mention that she has Down syndrome?  Did I have to?

While Valentina is not the first child with Down syndrome to model, and most of the commentary about this story is positive, there are those who feel the designer is making a play for publicity by exploiting children with special needs, while others feel the overall special needs community is being slighted in some way because there is focus on one disability.

Really?!  Is this what we have become, a nation of jaded pessimists and nay-sayers? Of course all of us need to oversee how children are portrayed and scrutinize these activities as appropriate, but to imply that one disability is receiving favoritism over others?

Disabilities do not discriminate.

Ability is something each and every one of us is given.

A New Ad Fad?  Maybe this is more of a step in the right direction where we all begin to see the beauty in each of us.

A Publicity Play? Perhaps.  However I believe each parent is capable of reviewing an opportunity for their child, scrutinizing the pros and cons of such an opportunity and making an educated decision about moving forward or not.

Time To Say, “Hooray?” Yes indeed.

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