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More Than Just A Port-A-Potty

As a devoted supporter of a triathlete I often find myself getting up before sunrise to put on a smile, look alert and motivate my husband as he conquers each leg of his race; but this last race was so much more than the medal of completion at the finish line.

One week before the race my husband received an e-mail encouraging him to raise a minimum of $250 for Make-A-Wish foundation and become a VIP. The draw was that the VIPs had access to private port-a-potties, a meet and greet with a headlining athlete and the families that have been helped through Make-A-Wish.

Of course as only a wife can, I forced him to raise the money so that I was sharing a potty with only a couple of hundred people rather than thousands.

While the Potty was the draw, we quickly realized that we had become part of something wonderful. When meeting the children and their families we were touched by their stories, lives and determination to not be defeated.

It also made us feel good knowing how the money was going to be spent. It was donees families chance to thank the donors. It was at that meet and greet that I realized that these children and their families WANT the opportunity to tell you that your money, however much it is, made a difference to them.

As we dive into the Holiday season and our end of year donations, I encourage you to try your best to do more than just write that check. Participate in the fundraisers of your favorite charities such as Make-A-Wish, or our very own Theresa Academy of Performing Arts for Special Needs Children. I promise that you will get just as much from the experience of seeing the difference that you have made as the charity gets from your willingness to donate.

By Deanna M. Eble, Esq. – Guest Blogger

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