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Medicaid: Mistake #6 – Not Getting Professional Help

Many people get their Medicaid counseling from a friend or neighbor at the coffee shop, or from someone with a financial interest in some particular strategy. Don’t do it! Whatever money you “save” by trying to handle these matters yourself may actually cost you thousands.

Also, beware of making such decisions when you are emotionally distraught, and what “professional” you take advice from. There are many individuals who claim to understand Medicaid, so it is important to do some research before deciding who to take advice from.

An experienced Elder Law attorney should have extensive knowledge of Medicaid regulations, asset protection strategies, and tax and

The Medicaid application process alone is very complex, time-consuming, and filled with paperwork. If you attempt to complete the extremely detailed application yourself, then you may make mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars and/or result in delay or denial of benefits.

Medicaid is a complicated field that most people deal with only once in their lives during a time that is usually filled with emotional distress. It’s penny wise and pound foolish not to consult with an experienced professional.

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