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Make A Difference

Sitting on the beach, I wondered…

How many grains of sand are there?

How many fish are in this vast ocean

and what are they all doing?

Just questions?

My Planning Tip of the Day is Make a Difference!

So many charities can use your help.

We can provide you with ways to support your favorite charities which will change lives. As a bonus, you can even save taxes.

Learn about the 1% Club at my law firm and help a charity.

This is just an example of my new radio spots airing on Long Island’s WHLI-AM 1100 as Elder Law Minute and on KJOY-FM 98.3 as Planning For Tomorrow, Today segments.  Please tune in!

We also post these segments to this website. Be sure and listen to our other Planning for Tomorrow, Today segments in the Audio Resources section of our website. And check back for new podcasts and radio spots.

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