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Long and Winding Road

Ever think to yourself, “When did the music I love become classic?”

You’re not alone. Chances are your parents felt the same about the Big Bands, Swing and 1950s Rock N Roll!

Here’s the point – we all age, even though we’re still teenagers and will be forever in our mind’s eye.

And as we get older, so do our parents.

Before you know it, they don’t seem as old as we once thought they were and that’s because the age gap is narrowing between us and them. You love them dearly, worry about them and want to protect them.

In today’s harsh economic times, there is no better time to take steps to protect your parents and yourself against the high cost of long term care.

Ann Brenoff, Senior Writer at the Huffington Post wrote an article, Long Term Care Insurance Is Expensive that opens with, “This may scare the bejesus out of you. And I hope so. Lately, I’ve been spending too much time in the company of boomers who act like we’re invincible.

Brenoff reports on a Met Life Survey of Long Term Care Costs and the benefits to having long-term care insurance (even though it is expensive), a Living Will, and more. Long Term Care insurance is not inexpensive but the alternative isn’t very appealing either – you will pay out of pocket until you’ve nearly exhausted your assets and can qualify for Medicaid – that, or you can become a burden to your kids.

How can you learn more about your options? Take advantage of free seminars on the topic.

At my law firm, you and your family are our number one priority. At our seminars and with our counsel, we can help provide solutions that will allow you and your family to protect your assets and preserve your dignity.

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