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It is Better to Give than Receive

Fred Klein



This year at the Theresa Awards, The Theresa Foundation is proud to recognize Fred C. Klein, Esq. as one of the 2015 honorees. Fred is very active within the community and is known by his peers for his generosity and motto “It’s better to give than receive, but what goes around comes around.” Fred’s life has been centered on “Giving”. Giving his time and energy to a variety of organizations, giving to those who are less fortunate, giving and sharing information to his friends and connections at Gotham, and giving financially through the Gotham Summer of Giving.

His passion for helping those in need started at a young age. In a recent interview, he shared a story with us about how he was branded a loser in grade school because neither of his parents graduated high school. Fred notes that it is from circumstances such as this that he gets his drive to help those who are less fortunate. In this interview he stated, “I can empathize with people that are needy because I was there, and as a consequence, anytime I can identify with someone with a persona I had then, I do all I can to help them achieve.”

Fred C. Klein is the managing partner of Klein Zelman Rothermel Jacobs and Schess LLP, a boutique Manhattan law firm and is the co-founder of Gotham City Networking, Inc., a group that brings together service-oriented professionals in complementary fields in order that they may share contacts, resources and ideas.

Fred is also the co-founder of the Gotham Foundation. He is the former treasurer of the New York Friars Club, founder of both Bridging the Gap and Friends of the High School for Leadership and Public Service (mentoring organizations), and the treasurer of the Christopher Morley Knothole Association.

Fred is also noted for being a connector. When someone needs something, he is the go-to-person. Invariably he will know someone who can help. Fred has helped many through his numerous endeavors. Now we are pleased to have the opportunity to recognize his unselfish giving.

You can support the Theresa Awards Dinner by making a donation here.  Please note that the journal closes April 10, 2015.  For more information, please call Kirrelle Freeman or Melanie Castillo at 516-683-1717.

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