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Honoring Our Veterans: A Testament of Bravery

On a daily basis, there are numerous things we take for granted. We take for granted that we have food on our table, clothes on our backs, that the US is not a war zone and that our loved ones are never more than a phone call away. This was not always the case.

There was a time when no one was safe from being drafted to go to war and families were ripped apart with uncertainty of knowing if their loved ones would return. While at war, conditions were not ideal. Food and supplies were scarce and many perished from starvation. The generation that had to endure this time is not only the greatest generation, but the bravest.

In a recent Newsday interview with Pfc. Bernard Rader, he depicts his experience through WWII. Throughout his story, you can sense his bravery, ability to think in a moment’s notice and perseverance. When Germans had captured members of his regiment, including himself, he knew the Nazi captors would come around to check the prisoner’s dog tags. Rader being Jewish, thought quickly. He knew he had to get rid of his dog tags if there was any chance of him getting out alive. In the article, he also explained the living conditions. He clarified that when he was in containment, he was afraid, not of being mistreated, but of starving.

Veterans such as Pfc. Bernard Rader show immense courage. They have been through and seen it all. When we come across stories of people mistreating our veterans, it is heart wrenching. If our children or grandchildren were forced to be removed from the technology age and were placed somewhere where they had to fight every day to survive, who knows who would come out alive.

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