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Why Hire an Elder Law Attorney?

Why Hire an Elder Law Attorney?Unlike a general practice attorney who may execute wills and trusts, elder law attorneys are versed in the complex issues the elderly face. Elder law attorneys also use a holistic approach to aid their clients.

What does this mean?

Actions taken while planning can have unintended legal effects that can harm one’s estate. Planning for someone who is elderly should be done differently than for someone in their 30s. As you become older, Medicare, Medicaid and other government assistance programs become important factors when planning. Medicaid has complex eligibility rules and requirements that are not very well understood by the majority of attorneys who do not specialize in Elder Law.

Although many think they will not need Medicaid, the reality is that people are living longer and not necessarily healthier. As the demand increases for aides and nursing homes, so does the cost. Nursing homes are averaging at a monthly cost of $15,000 in New York. While some people may be able to afford it, many cannot. An Elder Law attorney would be sure to take the requirements for government assistance programs into account while planning for your future so there aren’t any negative implications.

While devising a plan for an elderly client, Elder Law attorneys also take into consideration the key issues facing seniors: housing, long-term care and health, financial well-being and quality of life. Since Elder Law attorneys focus their practice on the legal needs of seniors, they are internally equipped with resources to aid the client. They are also equipped with external resources that may be beneficial to the aging population.

How do I make sure the attorney I hire is an Elder Law attorney?

Ask. It is that simple; ask the attorney if they are a certified Elder Law attorney or if they specialize in Elder Law. You should also visit their website. If they specialize in Elder Law and related fields, it should be relatively easy to tell. Lastly if you are still unsure, you can certainly contact the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA).

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