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Health Care Professional Round-Table Luncheon

Yesterday, Thursday, November 20, 2014 we hosted our quarterly Health Care Professional Round-table Luncheon at Puglia’s of Garden City.

Health Care Professional’s were invited to enjoy lunch with some of their colleagues, our guest speaker, Dr. Ronald I. Cohen, Psy. D., and the attorneys of Vincent J. Russo & Associates.  Dr. Cohen, Psy. D. was able to provide helpful tools to facilitate an integrated approach to enhance conflict laden issues with elderly members, how to find solutions to transition through later life crises, as well as provide useful first hand examples from his many years of experience. The attendees also received updates on elder laws and trusts through a presentation by Vincent J. Russo, Esq. Our “Tag Team: The Family Lawyer & The Family Therapist-Coach” presentation encouraged the attendees to partake in analyzing important psychological and legal issues that may relate to their clients. They were also able to network and receive advice from the firm, Dr. Cohen, Psy. D. and some of their colleagues that may have been in similar situations.

Our firm hosts Health Care Professional Round-table Luncheons quarterly, varying in subject matter. To find out more information about attending our next event, visit our calendar of events on our website or contact us.

By Marissa Kleiner– Guest Blogger

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