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You Can’t Live Forever—Or Can You? Benefits of a Digital Will

You Can’t Live Forever - Or Can You? Benefits of a Digital WillIf you take a moment and actually think about it, you are probably registered on several—if not dozens of—websites. You make accounts associated with various websites and sign in with your unique username and password.

When I started thinking about my own online activity, several accounts immediately came to mind, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, iTunes, and even bank accounts. Then I really gave it some more thought. What about my tablet, smartphone, laptop and/or desktop computer, Twitter, Amazon? The list goes on!

Have you ever thought about what happens with these accounts and devices when you die?

Do you want to keep a presence in cyberspace after you’re gone? Probably not! Although I saw an article that indicated over 30 million Facebook accounts belong to dead people. 30 MILLION! This could mean continued access to and exposure of pictures and other personal information on the web in perpetuity.

If you would like for someone to take control of this information when you’re gone, you can put together a “Digital Will.” On this document, you can store website information, usernames or user IDs, passwords, and online filesand whether you would want the information deleted once you’re gone. There is a Digital Will form on our website here.

Once completed, you should share the Digital Will with your Executor and your agent under your Durable Power of Attorney (or at least let them know where it is and how to access it).

If you have any questions regarding online accounts and security, contact the Russo Law Group P.C.

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