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Did You Know Some NFL Players Became Attorneys after Retirement?

At Russo Law Group, we see similarities between the legal profession and NFL sports players.

  • Attorneys earn complex degrees to use intelligence and accuracy to win high-quality cases and bring in more revenue for the firm.
  • NFL players train to be the best in their position to help win games and generate revenue for the team. Aside from physical conditioning, it also requires intelligence and accuracy.

Working toward a successful NFL or legal career isn’t easy. Both jobs take continuing education and training to understand complicated laws or rules and gain top recognition in the field.

NFL players who became attorneys after they retired – Steve Young, Alan Page, Dwayne Woodruff, Byron White

  • Alan Page played in the NFL for 14 years before receiving his J.D. in 1978. He practiced law for five years before being appointed Assistant Attorney General and becoming the first African American to serve on the Minnesota Supreme Court.
  • Dwayne Woodruff played in the NFL for 11 years and earned his J.D. in 1988 while still playing. He founded a personal injury law firm before becoming a judge in the Court of Common Pleas.
  • Byron White played in the NFL for three years and was one of the highest paid players during his career. Afterward, he spent 15 years practicing law before becoming one of the youngest people nominated to the Supreme Court.
  • Steve Young earned his law degree while playing for the NFL and taking his team to the championships. He then moved on to financial investing before founding a private equity firm.

These retired athletes used their skills to navigate risks and serve their communities—the attorneys at Russo Law Group. P.C. are just as dedicated to our New York estate planning and elder law clients. Contact us for long-term care planning, Medicaid planning, special needs planning, guardianship, and more.

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