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A Good Family Faces Homelessness

The Godfrey’s were shocked when they found themselves “homeless” and living in a shelter. What had happened and how would they grow and learn from this experience?  Meet Esther, a mother who held her family together, and meet her very talented sons, Matthew, David and Jordan, who form the Michael Jazz Trio.

Instead of having their circumstances bring them down, the Godfrey Family found a way to keep their dignity while becoming an inspiration others in the shelter. They allowed music to lighten their hearts and encourage them to succeed. They even made their debut at the Apollo Theater while living in the shelter.  Through their trials and tribulations the Godfrey’s never gave up and never lost their faith in God.

I am thrilled, along with my co-host, Victoria Roberts Drogin to share the Godfrey’s story with you on Family Comes First™. Their inspirational story will air Monday, March 11th at 10:30pm on Telecare TV (Cablevision channels 29/137 and Verizon FiOS TV channel 296) and will re-air on Wednesday at 1:30 pm, Thursday at 9:30 am and Friday at 1:30 pm.

In addition to meeting the Michael Jazz Trio (Matthew, David and Jordan) and their mother Esther, we also have experts, Shannon Boyle and Evol Sweeney of New Ground who will discuss their mission of educating and empowering families who are caught in the vicious cycle of homelessness.

So I invite you to watch and be inspired! Family Comes First™ airs exclusively on Telecare TV – Cablevision Channels 29 and 137 or Verizon FiOS TV, Channel 296.

For more on Family Comes First™, please visit our Family Comes First website

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