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I rarely write testimonials but feel I must on behalf of Deanna Ebele and Kirrelle Freeman, my attorney and case manager at Vincent Russo Associates, Garden City, New York. I can, in good conscience, recommend either or both and must thank Kirrelle for the hours she has spent on the phone with me. For her compassion and kindness, her ability to listen, her unbelievable memory and her attention to detail..and for knowing when she does not know the answer and getting the answer from Deanna and for knowing when I need the answer from Deanna directly.. I have found Deanna to be kind, patient and with an incredible knowledge of elder law and estate planning. She recommends things that are necessary and does not try to sell things that are not. I, at first, had some hesitancy about working with an attorney probably 30 years my junior, feeling that she might not be able to empathize with the problems of a person of my age with such a mentally and physically ill spouse. I found that I have had nothing to worry about and that she has my back..and somehow can understand. Both Kirrelle and Deanna get back to me quickly, with Deanna even calling me when she is out of the office..Both call when they say they are going to call and DO what they say they are going to do.

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