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As a disabled senior with 2 children with special needs, I needed an attorney who could advise me with my estate planning while addressing this issue. Vincent J. Russo Law Group, P.C. was recommended to me and I began working with an attorney, Diana, and her assistant Christella. I couldn’t be more pleased with the legal counsel Diana provided. She listened to all my questions, explained everything thoroughly, addressed all my needs and ultimately set up an action plan that would benefit my situation. Preliminary documents were drawn up and reviewed with me until I completely understood all the legal aspects. Both she and Christella were knowledgeable and readily available to answer any and all questions. They even came to my home to have the final documents signed and notarized as it was difficult for me to travel to them. I am so relieved that they simplified the complicated and overwhelming task of estate planning. What a blessing it is to have chosen such a gracious, professional and competent team that I trust and also one that my children will be able to rely on.

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