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How to Control the Fate of Your NFL Personal Seating License

The simplest of activities are usually what brings a family together, creating traditions and lifetimes of memories.  For many families, this activity is football.

If your family has purchased a personal seating license (“PSL”) to get season tickets for your favorite National Football League (NFL) team, you may be wondering what happens to this PSL after you pass away.  Can you control what happens to the PSL or pass it on to your children to continue this family tradition?  For example, to purchase a new PSL for the NFL New York Giants there is approximately a 135,000 person waiting list.

In your estate plan, you plan for all of your assets.  This should be included.  You can avoid your PSL from having to go through probate by creating and transferring your PSL to a Trust.  This trust can specifically designate how you wish for your PSL and season tickets to be distributed.  If you have multiple children, it can make a schedule for games.  You can also fund the trust to pay for the PSL for your children for a number of years after your passing.  For a sports fan/family, this is the ultimate way to make sure your never missing a game and your family tradition is passed on.

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