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The Importance of Estate Planning: Protecting Your Family’s Future

Get the estate planning documents in place.

John was in good health but unfortunately passed away leaving his wife, Angela and their three children to not only deal with his loss but also his estate. He managed the family’s financial affairs but had no estate plan in place. Angela was at a loss – she didn’t know how much income there would be each month, where the life insurance policies were or their amounts. What’s more, since there was no Will their minor children inherited part of John’s estate directly. To make matters worse, there are now estate taxes to be paid, which could have been avoided had an estate plan been put in place.

Good intentions do not make an estate plan

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If clients don’t create and coordinate their wills, asset ownership forms, beneficiary designations, trusts and medical directives, they have an estate fantasy instead of an estate plan. Failing to get the essential documents in place can cause a loss of assets, assets passing to the wrong heirs without protections, and unnecessary tax liabilities.

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