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Exploring the Challenges with Veterans Affairs Claims

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has reputation for its delays. The process can take a long time from the submission of an application to the actual payment of a benefit.

Historically, this process has ranged from a few months to more than a year in some cases. Additionally, if the claimant is found to be in

competent, it could take another six to eight months for the claim to be processed and ultimately paid. In some cases, the claimant has passed away before ever receiving the award.

To help speed up the claims process, the VA now offers special processing called “Fully Developed Claims” (FDC). For the expedited process to work the VA is now requesting that all claims be submitted as fully developed on special forms:

  • Form 21-526EZ – Veterans disability compensation
  • Form 21-527EZ – Veterans pension
  • Form 21-534EZ – Surviving spouses and children; and
  • Form 21-534EZ – Accrued benefits for surviving spouses, children, and dependent parents of service connected veterans

In order for a claim to be processed as a FDC, it must contain all supporting forms and evidence, such as any relevant medical evidence and/or records, all relevant marital information, and discharge papers.

If the claim lacks any required documentation, the VA will transfer the claim into its regular processing procedure.

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