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Experience the Magic of the Beatles with a Virtual Tour of London

On March 26th, we invited our Peace of Mind (POM) Members to attend a Virtual Beatles Tour of London. As you may know, the Managing Partner, Vincent J. Russo, is a huge Beatles Fan. This event was hosted by Gotham Networking Group and sponsored by Russo Law Group P.C.

POM Members enjoyed a night of reminiscing the progression of the Beatles culture along with live music. Members were able to share memories and stories with each other. Vincent was proud to share some of his prized pieces from his impressive collection of Beatles Memorable.

Virtual Beatles Tour of London covered the period 1961 to 1965 and was led by a qualified, award-winning Westminster guide via Zoom. We traveled from the freezing blue winter of ’61/’62 to the Day-Glo threshold of the summer of love via the White Hot Heat of political, social and artistic upheaval.

During Quarantine last year, Vincent shared “Daily Check-In” videos. Here are two videos where he shares his Beatles records and tie collections. Check them out again by clicking on the video links below.


Checking in with Vincent J. Russo: 8/21/2020 “History of Vinyl Records” Vincent talks about the history of vinyl records today and shares his collection. Watch to learn more:



Checking in with Vincent J. Russo: 12/18/2020 “Wonderful Christmastime” Vincent shares with us his tie collection.

The Peace of Mind Program [POM] is an ongoing maintenance program that provides a cost-effective way to ensure your plan is up to date and meets your goals. As time passes, your personal situations change as well as your finances and health. As a POM member, your attorney periodically reviews your plan with you to make the needed changes based on your new circumstances.  Our POM program gives members the security of knowing that their attorney will be accessible whenever questions, concerns or opportunities arise.

Who is Eligible for POM?

Existing clients of the law firm, who have executed planning documents, are eligible for the Peace of Mind program.

How does Membership work?

There is a fixed yearly fee for the program.  Peace of Mind members can call and ask questions regarding your estate planning without being charged on an hourly basis.  The Peace of Mind Maintenance Program encourages you to keep in touch with us throughout the year to make sure that your estate plan is well maintained.

How Can I Become a Member?

Call the office and ask your attorney to send you the one-page membership form. There is a one year fixed fee associated with membership.

What are the benefits?

There are countless benefits to the POM program. No need to wake at 2am wondering what was written in your Will or who was named in your Durable Power of Attorney. The following benefits are highlighted:

  • Sharefile allows us to upload your estate planning documents to a secured site to allow you to access these documents at any time of the day
  • Updating Your Estate Plan with revised or new legal documents such as wills(s) and/or trust(s) with its fee being discounted by ten (10%) percent.
  • Complimentary Meeting with a Care Consultant. They will schedule a time to come to your home to assess care needs and assist in making life care decisions.
  • Annual Luncheon exclusively for POM clients and your family and friends

If you are interested in joining the Peace of Mind Program please contact your attorney.

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